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An IDEAL CRM – Key Features & Services

  1. Work-flow :- Create tasks, alerts, send email, route items, change item status and a lot more using a powerful rules-based automation engine. Use an easy work-flow definition wizard to automate an item work-flow.
  2. Analytical Dashboards :- Drill down from rich dashboards, directly to the item and perform actions.
  3. Status :- Track life cycle of items through automated or manual status changes. Denote your custom labels, icons and colors.
  4. Import Wizard :- Use a powerful and easy-to-use mapping tool to import Excel/CSV files, for items, accounts and contacts.
  5. Email :-Send email on an item and keep communications in one place as part of item history.
  6. Audit History :- A record of all the actions taken on an item, along with the date, time, and user ID stamp, is stored in the system for audit.
  7. Report Writer :-Make your own reports on items, tasks and accounts, using a powerful report wizard.
  8. Territory Management/Route Items :- Assign or reassign an item to a user or a role for further processing or escalation. Assignments can be automated based on rules and/or user associated lists.
  9. Excel/CSV Exports :- Export and view of the system to an Excel/CSV format after performing a search/sort.
  10. Search :- Use powerful search metaphors, such as wild cards, ranges, boolean operators on any view and on multiple attributes to narrow your search results.
  11. Sort/Freeze :- Sort any view using a single click on ascending or descending order. Freeze columns to enable efficient horizontal scrolling.
  12. Comments :- Add a comment to an item, keep track of past comments, who made them and when.
  13. Attach :- Attach files of any type, size or format to an item, either upload file to server or link the file to your server, no upload necessary!
  14. Tasks :- Create tasks linked to items, assigne tasks to users or groups/roles.
  15. Call Logging :- Enter the details of a phone conversation with a customer by using pre-defined call templates for audit.
  16. Email Templates :- Use pre-defined email templates or combine user information such as signature, item information, account information and custom text to create a powerful template that can be used by one and all.
  17. Letter Templates :- Use pre-defined PDF templates or combine user information such as signature, item information, account information and custom text to create a powerful template that can be used by one and all.
  18. Action History :- All actions on an item become part of the audit history, which can be exported.

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