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Tips for choosing an IDEAL Small & Medium sized Business – CRM

Speaking about Current Business Enviournment in USA, now stabilizing from the after effects of the recent recession in the stock markets, thank to the immediate action by the government, Markets are rising once again, a lot of Small & Medium sized business have sprung up and are doing considerably well in these healthy enviournment,

Small & Medium sized Business all across sectors, are receiving tremendous response in terms of business opportunities, with more Business comes a lot of DATA, usually in paper form or in thousands of different files in a computer create a lot of clutter, which might even lead to some serious errors in business processes, all of these problems can be solved and Data can be Effectively & Efficiently Managed using a CRM software

Automation in Small-Medium size Business using CRM

On tips from my previous blogs where in I had mentioned, How CRM systems have Rapidly evolved over the year to have a set of Standardized Business Functions

1)    Client Company’s Corporate Information – (Name, Address, Telephone Nos., etc).

2)    Key contact details (mediators OR other persons outside the organization).

3)    Bank Account Number’s.

4)    Customers Sales History (this week, this month, last month, last 6 months, last year, etc).

5)    Customers’ total enquiries & Quotes given to them.

6)    Quotes accepted.

7)    Quotes declined (also space to mention reason why).

8)    Outstanding quotes (last follow-up, Processing or reason why not accepted yet).

9)    Outbound communication trail & inbound communication trails (Notes).

10)  Special offers, Discounts offered in the past (Notes).

11) Future Work Scheduling (pending orders to be delivered in future).

12) Notes on any Service calls Made in past (Notes).

13) Complaints (Notes).

Further Customization is Possible according to Business needs & how the Management likes to tweak different functions, protocol can be set for levels, performance can be monitored.

A Modern day Crm would have additional features which would help the business perform even better by, Integration of various functions and providing Collaboration of Workspace.


With all these benefits that a CRM offers to small and medium sized business, should consider getting a CRM strategy which is suitable for their business needs. For further information on Things to consider before buying CRM software, please refer to my posts below,

Please feel free to post your comments below in this page.

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