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CRM Analysis

Research has proven CRM systems have proven to be a  business most cost effective and profitable tool for external client interactions and for generating new leads, it is the most intelligent tool a Business Big, Medium or Small can utilize for its success. CRM has a lot of Advantages over the traditional paper based way of working; CRM systems provide an easy and effective way to manage business, with all the information available at your fingertips.

Information contained in data warehouse :–

CRM systems maintain a constant stream of client interactions and day to day business activities; it manages & maintains a lot of data in its servers, all this information is very vital from the management perspective as it plays a crucial role in making future decisions.

Let’s take a look at the kind of data that is stored in these systems and the kind of features and usable information they offer.

Sales force automation :– A database of prospective clients can be maintained using this feature in CRM, data segregation is a very effective technique used to gather client information and inbuilt features which enable you to make CALLs send SMS even Emails ensuring multiple touch points to a customer. Leads can be generating using this feature to increase opportunities and maintain a healthy clientele.

Current Client database :– Using CRM systems management can maintain a constant watch on the overall clientele a business has, this helps maintain a healthy active client ratio, since not all the clients are active at all times, the system has a built in calendar to map different products or services a client may need at different times of the year, like filter change or replacement of other such articles.

This enables the sales team to predict future sales and maintain optimum levels of the right kind of inventory making huge savings on operational and inventory costs ensuring reduced costs and repeat sales.

Bills, invoices and other accounting information – A simple application in CRM system can maintain all the accounting information along with other details required for tax returns, insurance, etc. in one place it also can be customized according to a specific business need to tweak calculations. Some CRM systems provide special applications for automatic tax payment.

Generating various customer invoices for sales made during the day and calculating the entire sale for the day, last month or last 10 years. All these features and much more makes CRM a Accountants best friend, it also assists in yearly audit by providing accurate and timely information.

Analysis of this information resource can help management make alert and informed decisions regarding various business functions. The right kind of predictions made using historical data can enable the management track various business needs of the customers at different times of the year, this information can be used to place online advertisements (on appropriate websites)along with increased SEO efforts  to gain the maximum Return On Investment

Increase in online sales – Generating a accurate customer preferences pattern recorded on regular basis from previous visits and purchases made by the customer, offering the right type of products which the customer would actually be interested in buying based on analysis of not only what should be offered but also at what time an form it should be offered at, giving a $10 discount and attractive package on some other product should be carefully considered. Understanding the customer on both micro and macro basis is important.

The data generate can be utilized to plan and forecast various customer needs and can be used for successful Search Engine Optimization and carrying out advertising campaigns.

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