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CRM is not enough, its time to switch to ODBC

It’s time for some radical changes in Business CRM software industry, why?

With the Introduction of On-Demand Business Collaboration (ODBC) technology, working on   your company CRM just got a whole new meaning, equipped with a Hosted Collaboration Space {Task Management, Email Management, Document Management, Project Management, integrated Google calendar, other useful applications} supporting different user tasks, with dedicated applications for Sales, Support and Receivable’s Management, and  comfortable User Interface, ensuring optimum performance by the sales team and in time highest Return on Investment ROI.

ODBC’s Customizable User Interface provides different Micro and Macro level Business Intelligence Tools that help management optimize the Business sales cycle {Generate demand > Qualify Prospects > Close the sale > Deliver & Install > Provide Support } and helps better understand the Consumers Buying cycle {Gather Information > Evaluate Solution’s > Purchase > Take Delivery > Get Support }, with valuable insights in consumer behavior and their needs, data gathered helps immensely in fine tuning Sales processes before being sent to the Research and Development Team for developing new products or services to enhance customer experience and ensure repeated sales.

Another very useful concept of optimizing the different Routes or Channels to the customer is also sufficiently aided using ODBC technology. These Routes are basically an efficient combination of internal or external resources that move the customer from the beginning to the end of the Sales Cycle. this Routes-to-Market methodology also helps vendors plan, operate and optimize their routes, this is important because properly Optimized routes produce more revenue and profit per dollar spent on marketing, sales, distribution and customer service”,  meaning Highest ROI.

Management can use these highly customizable micro Business Intelligence tools available in ODBC technology to,

1)    Optimize Routes

2)    Sales process alignment

3)    Automate repetitive processes

4)    Use User Input

5)    Different System’s Integration

6)    Educate and empower all system users and hence add incremental improvements over time.

Each of these above mentioned concepts play a crucial role in determining the success of CRM Implementation in a organization and ROI time, to help those who are new to these concepts, I would like to elaborate a few lines explaining each of these new age ODBC based concepts,

Once the sales channels or routes have been established, the entire sales process needs to be aligned this means that the management must match the way people actually use the system and its outputs, this will help them make effective changes when people and processes change & simplify user screens, decision tree maps or indicators placed on the screen at different stages of a sale help make sales executives make a more alert and confident sale.

Management can also automate repetitive processes to help save time during a sales process; system can be configured to pop out different pop-ups with useful information or help gather additional customer data.

User, which in this case would be the sales representative is using the system first hand and might have useful insights, suggesting changes to make the process more user friendly, these suggestions should also be taken into account by the management.

If possible management should integrate different systems used in the organization, like mobile CRM used by on field sales representatives, back office staff, ERP software used in organization, this will provide management a complete 360 degree customer centric view, which would help them serve the customer better by designing policies and practices accordingly.

Last but not the least management should impart not only initial training but should conduct features training on regular basis to educate the employees on these changes, this would in turn make employees more knowledgeable and capable of giving valuable feedback, which can be further used to do Research and development and to include incremental improvements over time.

DISCLAIMER: – IDEAL CRM, blog post is a personal collection of  Research Oriented information, Focusing  on CRM and Customer-Centric Web strategies, comments or opinions expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors only, and do not necessarily represent views of  coAction.com ,Readers may copy and redistribute blog postings on other blogs, or otherwise for private, non-commercial or journalistic purposes. This Content may not be used for any other purposes, in any other formats or media. The content on blog is provided on “as-is” basis, coAction.com shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the content or the use of this blog.

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