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How can CRM help in identifying new customers?

Good data on your current customers and prospects and good marketing analysis will help you identify new customers.

Quality data collected from various online resources and SEO channels, like online directory advertisements and Google add campaigns, marketing campaigns etc, can be fed into CRM systems.

With additional information and a Quality Database sales can start PROFILIING these new made contacts into different segments, based on their characteristics, this will give a broader view of the existing database for conducting extensive analysis.

CRM systems are built to integrate customized applications to help analysis of this new data and will also provide a collaboration platform for seamlessly sharing this data with colleagues,

Raw data can be filtered based on various parameters to processed data, which can freely be exchanged with various departments through sharing, exporting other formats or by email.

New age CRM software’s can be customized to support various analytical needs of the organization; it will also support analysis of customer feedback, networking data and also as a tool to study data received through social media.

Built in functions to carry out campaigns (Survey, Newsletter etc.) along with good CRM integrated analytical tools can be used to shortlist prospective customers.

CRM applications help you reach and rediscover existing customer engagements, make sure you notice every little traits/buying pattern and if analyzed properly will give you signs about reaching out to new customer, how one reads the signs is purely based upon human judgment and customer experience.

It is indeed very difficult to do Profiling of customers without a good marketing tool like CRM which allows seamless integration of different technologies in a hosted platform where data can be imported from various sources, customized applications can be developed and which can store the information in a structured and organized manner.

This data can further be used to educate sales personnel to make faster and smarter sales by cross-selling products increasing profitability, analysis of CRM data can help identify not only new customers but also new business.

Social Media is yet another medium which businesses are tapping to get access to new markets and to understand consumer behaviour; in fact the entire CRM industry is banking heavily on this new found 21st century tool to drive sales and to find new ways to integrate this data into their CRM systems,

Although there has been a lot of buzz about the social CRM in the recent times, it is still considered to be in a nascent stage and the hype in the CRM industry seems to be due to the probable ways in which this medium can be fully utilized, it will only be by 2012 that we would be in a position to include social CRM  as a full  fledged medium to execute marketing strategies and a some more time there after for it to become a major contributor to a company’s profits.

Nevertheless, Customer Relationship Management systems for all the above mentioned reasons and many more plays a important role in running a profitable business, by increasing effectiveness of execution and increasing the efficiency of performance in conducting day-to-day activities, it helps sustain steady growth for the business by identifying prospects and providing new business opportunities.


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