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Magic: Synchronize responses Facebook, Usenet Groups, Linkedin… instantly

Synchronize responses from Facebook, Usenet Groups, Linkedin… instantly are you crazy???

“Now that cannot be done” said one of my old colleague. I first started posting that at my company Google talk, then at Facebook chats, later I put that query to some of my privileged group of people, then to Usenet Groups, and then to IRC. Now checkout my “comments section” to realize how I got comments in just 3 minutes and got myself and my goals directed the right way…

Now who said that I cannot do that manually??? Did anyone stop you to quote those responses by your self? So, what if there is no automated method today.

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  1. December 7, 2010 at 3:37 AM

    I’ve got the following responses from Freenode IRC:

    (1:36:26 PM) ganeshjacharya: Is there a way to synchronize *posts* between Facebook Groups, Usenet (I know
    (1:36:26 PM) ganeshjacharya: we can cross post), forums, blogs, and IRC??
    (1:37:00 PM) ganeshjacharya: any project going on?
    (1:37:08 PM) jayne: ganeshjacharya: those aren’t all the same type of communication medium
    (1:37:17 PM) jayne: that’s like asking you you can synchronize telephone conversations with postal mail
    (1:37:19 PM) ganeshjacharya: they are all
    (1:37:26 PM) ganeshjacharya: good idea
    (1:37:31 PM) ganeshjacharya: what not even telephone?
    (1:37:35 PM) ganeshjacharya: and post mail
    (1:37:41 PM) ganeshjacharya: they all talk
    (1:37:45 PM) ganeshjacharya: and communicate
    (1:37:59 PM) jayne: because there’s a dramatic difference in latency between them, which makes any imaginable purpose for doing the synchronization moot
    (1:38:26 PM) jayne: anyway, that said… yes you can probably do it if you’re willing to setup and run the necessary gateways yourself
    (1:38:39 PM) ganeshjacharya: could be i can post a blog post and then send them across all the channels and get instant responses
    (1:38:59 PM) jayne: IRC is limited to 512-byte messages. Blog posts may be considerably longer than that.
    (1:39:18 PM) ganeshjacharya: yes but I can add a link in the post and make ppl read it
    (1:39:29 PM) ganeshjacharya: same as twitter does
    (1:39:41 PM) ganeshjacharya: its not impossible
    (1:40:04 PM) jayne: I haven’t suggested that it is. Only that there’s no reason to do it.
    (1:40:12 PM) ganeshjacharya: there is
    (1:40:26 PM) ganeshjacharya: i need instant comments on my ideas
    (1:40:33 PM) Necrosan: ask
    (1:40:35 PM) Necrosan: and ye shall receive
    (1:40:38 PM) ganeshjacharya: i just now posted these all over
    (1:40:41 PM) ganeshjacharya: and got responses
    (1:40:44 PM) ganeshjacharya: finally from there
    (1:40:57 PM) ganeshjacharya: but they went all disconnected
    (1:41:11 PM) ganeshjacharya: so what you just quote here could have been used by others
    (1:41:21 PM) jayne: IRC probably works for near-realtime comments in some cases, but usenet and blogs are not so good for that
    (1:41:38 PM) ganeshjacharya: blogs have real time
    (1:41:41 PM) ganeshjacharya: google is real time
    (1:41:42 PM) ganeshjacharya: now
    (1:42:09 PM) FuriousRage: real time is real time
    (1:42:14 PM) ganeshjacharya: not necessarily
    (1:42:23 PM) ganeshjacharya: i can pick up what ever channel i want to hear
    (1:42:23 PM) alisonken1lap: thee’s also near-real time
    (1:42:27 PM) ganeshjacharya: and follow what i want
    (1:42:52 PM) jayne: if you’re determined you want to do it, then go do it. There’s no sense in arguing further with us about it.
    (1:42:59 PM) ganeshjacharya: agreed
    (1:43:04 PM) ganeshjacharya: where can i start?
    (1:43:18 PM) jayne: pick any one of the above?
    (1:43:24 PM) FailPowah: by learning how to program 😀
    (1:43:24 PM) ganeshjacharya: ok i got some responses from you
    (1:43:27 PM) jayne: You mentioned facebook first in your list, so go read up on their API?
    (1:43:44 PM) ganeshjacharya: is it ok withyou if i post those in my blog via my comment ?
    (1:43:53 PM) ganeshjacharya: referring your names?
    (1:44:01 PM) ganeshjacharya: and these responses?
    (1:44:05 PM) Necrosan: yes ganeshjacharya
    (1:44:07 PM) Necrosan: that is fine
    (1:44:08 PM) ganeshjacharya: thanks
    (1:44:09 PM) ganeshjacharya: :
    (1:44:10 PM) jayne: yeah, go ahead
    (1:44:11 PM) ganeshjacharya: 🙂
    (1:44:11 PM) Necrosan: Very glad I could help you out
    (1:44:16 PM) ganeshjacharya: yes
    (1:44:21 PM) ganeshjacharya: does that break any law?
    (1:44:25 PM) Necrosan: no
    (1:44:28 PM) ganeshjacharya: ok
    (1:44:32 PM) jayne: as long as you have permission, it should be fine
    (1:44:37 PM) ganeshjacharya: ok
    (1:44:47 PM) ganeshjacharya: wow this is manual real time
    (1:44:50 PM) ganeshjacharya: at least
    (1:44:57 PM) ganeshjacharya: lets see how it can be built over
    (1:44:59 PM) eth01: by a few milliseconds
    (1:45:05 PM) ganeshjacharya: yes
    (1:45:09 PM) eth01: seconds if you use dialup
    (1:45:10 PM) eth01: 😉
    (1:45:15 PM) ganeshjacharya: yes
    (1:45:45 PM) jayne: sometimes tens of seconds if one of the servers is misbehaving :-/
    (1:46:07 PM) FailPowah: nothing is in real real-time
    (1:46:24 PM) FailPowah: everything has but so little lag
    (1:46:31 PM) jayne: the speed of light is too slow?
    (1:46:34 PM) eth01: verbally speaking is the closest to real real
    (1:46:52 PM) FailPowah: jayne: still very little lag there 😀
    (1:46:57 PM) jayne: eth01: but that only moves at 340m/s
    (1:47:12 PM) eth01: jayne, offtopic dont you think for this channel
    (1:47:18 PM) FailPowah: lawl
    (1:47:24 PM) KindOne: wow
    (1:47:25 PM) jayne: starting to get there, I suppose
    (1:48:02 PM) ganeshjacharya: @FailPowah i’ve atleast got responses
    (1:48:19 PM) ganeshjacharya: and also the permission to use them
    (2:07:25 PM) b0o-yeah: ganeshjacharya: for future reference you might want to read the last bulleted point here http://freenode.net/channel_guidelines.shtml

  2. December 7, 2010 at 4:38 AM

    Check for responses from
    USENET group 24hoursupport.helpdesk http://bit.ly/fUsixh

  3. December 7, 2010 at 4:51 AM

    From facebook: Syed Nayab: But the Post Doesnt Give any solution? Maybe Findmeon.com, quapacity;

    maybe this one…

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