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Do the current CRM offerings scale with the dynamic business process?

If not, then what are the shortcomings in the existing CRM offerings? Do the current CRM offerings scale with the current business practices in Marketing and Sales? What more are companies looking for in CRM offerings to retain the competitive edge?


Answer : – During the discussions on this topic in linkedin’s – CRM experts forum,  i came accross some intresting point’s, the following blog is a summary of all the note worthy points mentioned by CRM expert pannel, please feel free to use this CRM research resource and do leave your comments.

Some views on this topic by experts

When it comes to CRM product offerings and how they affect the continuiously evolving and dynamic business processes, most of our experts agreed to the point that CRM implimentation is about conceptulizing and then implimenting various business concepts in CRM to suit day to day needs.

Now in order to be able to conceptulize there has to be a deeper understanding of, firstly the business needs and secondly the CRM itself, it has been a view that CRM is still a loosely used word and stake holders in the organization need to have a better understanding of it to be in a position to harness this resource effectively.

With that said we all know how difficult it can get to jot down the best CRM which will be ideal for your company needs, most of the CRM offerings include all the basic functions, namely Sales, Service or Marketting, customer profiling, etc. Or even all of them clubbed with other functions in an enterprise suit.

Accordinig to our experts, the need of the hour is a product which not only gives the benifits of  a traditional CRM but also provide new age innovative ways to gather and use valuable data collected form CRM, this will lead to a valuable insight of business processes and would help increase ROI in CRM in both tangible and intangible form.

A Ideal CRM should go beyond Marketting/Sales and should have a strategic vision to give proper direction to business processes, it should have the ability to seemlessly integrate with other technologies used by the business (Finance/Logistics/ Billing, etc) and should provide a simple layout to collaborate this data.

CRM implimentation is a continious process and should evolve with changing business needs, apart from the very essential Social CRM (for lead generation), it should also provide integreated email, chat and discussions to help employees connect and collaborate at diffrent levels, facilitating easy exchange of information.

To conclude on previous points, companies should use the technology that is availaible to them right now, in order to do so they must first set the basics of data ownership and process management in place. Once this is done additional technology can be added as per requirement.

In a nutshell, once the company policies and praticies are set in place, management would be in a better position to ascess their CRM needs, after which required tools can be provided to match strategy requirements.


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