CRM in 2011?

Was wondering what would CRM in 2011 look like.

CRM on Mobile

I’ve been reading this over and over now. There are lot of people who think CRM by the end of 2011 will be over mobile phones and most other online-offline softwares will be gradually available over mobile platform too.

CRM privacy guidelines and policies could be introduced

Privacy concerns

With the advent of online collaboration utilities, social media platform, and other tools most organization would have personal information of individuals and there could be lot of privacy related issues coming up. To counter the same, governing bodies would come up with stringent guidelines and policies to counter problems aroused thereby.

Important events for CRM trend followers

Upcoming CRM Event’s |Forum’s|Workshop’s

CRM Predictions for 2011

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  1. Nikunj
    January 11, 2011 at 8:27 AM

    CRM 2011 will not be different than the previous CRM’s. 2011 should be focussed on Customer Experience and still analysing trends of Social CRM ROI in business world. With more and more technology communication tools, CRM will have to keep pace with collaborative Communication world also. It will be year of Consolidation and focus in 2011.

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