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Measuring CRM ROI

A detailed research measuring the Return on Investments upon implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

What is ROI:-


Measuring ROI with CRM

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Magic: Synchronize responses Facebook, Usenet Groups, Linkedin… instantly

December 7, 2010 3 comments

Synchronize responses from Facebook, Usenet Groups, Linkedin… instantly are you crazy???

“Now that cannot be done” said one of my old colleague. I first started posting that at my company Google talk, then at Facebook chats, later I put that query to some of my privileged group of people, then to Usenet Groups, and then to IRC. Now checkout my “comments section” to realize how I got comments in just 3 minutes and got myself and my goals directed the right way…

Now who said that I cannot do that manually??? Did anyone stop you to quote those responses by your self? So, what if there is no automated method today.

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